24 photographs in 24 hours No. 9

Photograph description: First house that I saw after 4 hours trip in the jungle .Seychelles.

Goals of the “24 photographs in 24 hours” project :

  • Celebrate amazing abilities of analogue photography in a digital world.
  • Gather many photography freaks together as well people who wish to follow my blog.
  • Cheek the difference in statistics between publishing pictures every hour – which time zone in the word is the most active one.
  • And finally – who knows who see some of my work… I wish to shot for the best ones!

Hope you enjoy my 24 hours project


2 thoughts on “24 photographs in 24 hours No. 9

  1. Niki, love this idea and your photos. For a moment they always take me to another place. I’ve recommended your blog on Twitter as I love your photography and this project. Keep up the beautiful work.

    1. Dear Laura, thank you so much! I am planning one day make the same project but with my digital shots (if I have enough of the good ones). I am glad you like them 😉

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