Island Cemetery

Old cemetery on the rocks surrounded by jungle and strong wind. In spite of that place is very peaceful. The Seychellois people belive and are afraid of ghosts. There are many stories as well as many story tellers. Seychelles.



6 thoughts on “Island Cemetery

  1. I am with them, no ghosts for me, thank you. I am always wary of photos in cemetaries, although I think in a lot of the states here it is illegal to photoraph there, but even if it isn’t, I don’t want to trap a spirit. That probably really doesn’t happen, I am being silly. These are beautiful shots!

    1. Thank you. It can be something in it what you are writing about. I like to photograph cemetaries, don’t ask me why… it is so quiet in there. I didn’t know it can be illegal!

      1. I have read that it depends on if the cemetery is privately owned, then you have to have permission. A lot of them here are private. I do know what you mean about them being peaceful. I used to go to one near my home to work on homework because I could concentrate there.

      2. I visited one jewish cemetery where somebody holds keys for a gate but I entered through a big hole in a wall. Good to know what you are writing about. Peaceful is as well quiet or tranquil and I guess that is why you can concentrated on your homework 😉

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