Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

One of my breakfasts on an island. Fresh juice from coconuts and its interior. Advice – put coconut to fridge for a night and open it in the morning. It will be your best breakfast ever! Great also as a refreshment drink all day long in a tropical places.

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Tourtle Robber

You can believe me or not but this turtle is a robber! I caught him red-handed. He was simply eating grass and leaves that he supposed to receive on the next day. I guess not only people go to “check how clean” is fridge at night 😉 Republic of Seychelles, few steps from my new home. Continue reading

Is it a ghost of Robinson Crusoe?

It is official I move out from France. So now I can share good news with you too. Yesterday I moved in to paradise. People used to call this place Seychelles. That means from today on you will see mostly pictures from tropics. I will write about advantages and disadvantages of living on the small island. I will show on my pictures amazing and as well destroyed places. Wish me a luck!

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World of Dolls

Creations, stylizations that are the styles of photography that I like the most. Because I have to do something more than just to press button on my camera. It can take hours to create some of them. One day in photography newspaper I saw an amazing picture. Garden, table with cakes, cookies, fruits and two girls siting next to the table. If I remember good for this creation were working more that ten people in about four hours. And all of this for just one shot… all I can say is WOW! Dolls from my picture come from my great-grandmother so they can be about 80 years old.

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Quite an old picture founded in my collection. I like this green a lot. Typical wooden house in countryside. Komorów, Poland.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

What I want in a house are window shutters, glittered by mediterranean sun. If I feel like going out I can take myself off to park or to beach and if all that space’s not enough then it is clearly time to get on the move. A nice long trip to explore a new town or see faraway places is the only thing that works for me… Every day view in Nice, France.

Factory Town

While visiting Poland we take a walk tour of the 19th-century Factory Town. In the picture you can see one of the buildings of Textile Factory. Almost all of them were built of red brick which is characteristic of Żyrardów.Town was founded as a textile factory in the 1830s and its development based on industry. Nowadays these post-industrial buildings are adopted into lofts what made Żyrardów unique industrial architecture.

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