The Beach

Just imagine one perfect day on the island. Many amazing places and people to photograph. Everybody agrees to be photographed, and wherever you locate your camera places in view-finder look simply astonish! So you want to be old school (in a good meaning of that) and you shot with film camera, slide film. When you finish all roll you want to ask for cross processing to have one in kind effect. Just imagine it all. After shooting 36 exposures you are happy to go to photo lab in Victoria and you can’t wait for one hour to pass to get all your photographs ready to share them with the rest of the world! But NO! Nobody in Seychelles didn’t even hear about cross processing! They don’t want to take your film, because it is a slide. So they simply don’t take it. They don’t care as well that you want to develop this film in C-41 process! That means I have to send my film to Europe to develop… Grrrr! The beach, Seychelles.


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