Hanging Bridge

Peille village. “Twin city” together with Peillon. Commune perched on a rock between Monaco and Menton.

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154 thoughts on “Hanging Bridge

  1. OMG!!! This is the most awesome picture ever, but I’m with Mikalee above, just looking at it made me think “eek!!!” Do people still use this, or is it just a monument of sorts?

    1. On that day I was in my flip flops, and the way to get to the brigde is long. But I definitely want to come back and walk across 😉 I am just affraid of spiders…

  2. I cannot even imagine putting one foot on that…I would have had to photograph it from below, as well. Great shot. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  3. Ah this photo made my day! It is very dreamy and reminds me of a bridge I walked across when I was young, but the one I traversed was nowhere near the size/height! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. It would be a frightening experience walking on the bridge. It provokes a remote relationship between the viewers and the subject in the photo, yet the bridge highlights its value as a frontal image in the loud sky.

    Nice shot!

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  6. I do not understand why people have any worries about this sort of bridge. I myself personally would be perfectly willing to crawl across it if somebody put a million million dollars in my bank account and the bank manager gave me a written confirmation that the money was definitely mine and that nobody could take it back off me, or if the bogey man from under the stairs was chasing me.

  7. Was this taken from a canyon or something similar? And what does the bridge connect? It’s a great picture, but I would definitely not want to be on that bridge haha. It seems too wobbly for my taste.

  8. extreme adventures huh…someday i wish to pass that bridge knowing that you will be the first want to try it hahaha
    , how high is that by the way?

  9. I would be sh** scared to cross it and within a minute if me being on it, my legs will shiver and they might finally fall off. Lovely pic though.

    1. I totally agree, to myself it seems to be boring as well. I like to write a little bit more about each picture. But now I am on the holidays, so that is why for about 1 month I am not going to write to much. I have to work on my photography 😉 And there is not to much story anyway. I went there, I looked above and I sow the bridge, the sun and the clouds…

  10. hi! I saw your blog on the wordpress home page and I thought that picture is beautiful! Was that a real bridge??? 🙂

  11. Oh my God…I could not venture across that bridge with such wide foot space slats.

    My fear of heights under such circumstances is real. I literally freeze…as I did in Greece when I walking around some the cliff areas.

    Oh well, I’ve done and experienced other interesting stuff.

  12. Wow this is inspiring!Your post just made me hungry. I really enjoyed your post .Love the photographs and your story!Thank you for sharing that.

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