Balloons Play

I have to share some thoughts with you. What you think about the picture above? I will help you if you don’t see. It is not real! Balloons are not in there, I added them in Photoshop. And here is my question what style of “photography” is it? People add to the pictures things that weren’t there for real. We have Photoshop and it’s actions, HDR effect, lomo, TtV, iPhone applications and somewhere at the end of much longer list is the “real photography”. I am confused. I love new things but where are heading to?

Balloons, Sand, Water, Bikini, Sunglasses, Swimsuit, Bathing Suit, Swimming Costume, Run, Jog, Jogging, Sport, Photoshop, Lomo, TtV, iPhone, HDR, Lomography, Photoshop Actions


3 thoughts on “Balloons Play

  1. You put the balloons in? It looks amazing and adds such dimension to the picture! I love how your pictures make me happy!

  2. Love your photo, Nikki. Great job adding with PS. Until you mentioned it, I didn’t even notice your “addition” as not being part of the original photo.

    And to answer your question, I don’t think it matters “where we are going.” I’m sure that people were just as concerned with abstract art as it became popular (it was odd or outlandish), or when Polaroids first came on the market (it was too fast to be authentic photography), or when machinery began to help an artist create a statue (rather than all done by hand) or when ice sculpture or sand castle sculpture began to be considered an art form. Art in any form is an expression of who we are as people. If it is used to deceive (like, possibly used in court, under oath, as representing something that is not true), then it is wrong. But, as an artform, I am amazed at what can be done with Photoshop and Illustrator.

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