Water Play

Do not let the child inside you disappear or die ! Thank you again to my lovely assistant because with You pictures are taken much faster than from the tripod. And I know that to understand my “vision” may not be the easiest thing sometimes…

Hut, Water


64 thoughts on “Water Play

  1. Hello Niki,

    May i ask what is ure vision with this photo.
    Please do not get me wrong, i do not mean to be cynical or judgemental.
    I am somewhat intrigued.

  2. Nice composition, I love the stop motion of the water, it looks peaceful for some reason. Plus, it looks like it is about to fall on your head!

  3. Great picture. I agree on your comment. Never lose the inner child when it comes to water play. Lilo games are amzing in a pool or the sea… will there ever be an age clambering on a lilo all day in front of onlookers is not acceptable… who knows. I’m 24 right now. I hope not!

  4. I love the photography and the exact moment captured. It not only makes me think of all my vacations at the beach but everything I have done there! brava

  5. Love the photo! This just gets me so excited for my summer vacation (sadly that is still a month away). The quote ties in quite well too!

  6. oh the blue green color..it delights me inside..i agree that we should never forget that once we have been a child..

  7. Thank you all for leaving such a nice comments. Next to the picture you have some informations about the camera cause some of you asked about it. Like fast shutter and so on. Thank you one more time for visiting.

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