Girl next door


How many times we forgot the key ? Nobody likes waiting… Last year I locked myself in a hall connected with a wardrobe for a few hours. At last I arranged my cloths. Don’t forget your key !

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21 thoughts on “Girl next door

  1. hihii lucky for me I never forgot. But then you wouldn’t a beautiful photo if you did now, would ya?

  2. My hubs forgot his keys and spent an hour socializing in the hallway of our apartment with the tenants who were coming and going. YOur picture is beautiful. I love the outfit on the girl!

    1. Thank you! He he I didn’t have a chance to see people in my hall ;/ The girl on the picture is me, I was boring at home the other day 😉 Thanks to tripod! All outfit is vintage and luggage too. I have quite big collection.

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